What future for Kiama in a merged council?

Our imagining of a future if the merger goes ahead

Our imagining of a future if the merger goes ahead

This article gives homage to the Boston Globe, which recently ran a front page from an imagined future should Donald Trump become President. To the right is our view on how life in Kiama will change should the merger with Shoalhaven Council go ahead.

Some think the merger won’t affect them, but it will. Local councils provide grassroots services and they are the ones that people come into contact with every day.

Councillor Dennis Seage is strongly opposed to the forced merger proposal, and initiated the motion to hold a poll on the issue.

Voting in the poll is not compulsory and the result is not binding. So why should people be bothered to vote? Dennis knows why. “This is our last chance,” he says. “The writing is on the wall and the only thing that will stop it is people power.

“We can’t just sit back and say we’ve done our best; the decision is already made. We have to keep up our fight in every way.

“The poll is going to show how strongly we feel about our community and our future. Any government that ignores that does so at their peril.

“We have proved to the Government that we have always had the financial standards that it wants, but that might not be enough to get us over the line given the lack of logic in the process. We need to show conclusively that we want to remain a self-governing community.”

As for those concerned about the cost, which has been revised down to $106,261 from an estimated $140,000, he says $6.30 per ratepayer is a small price to pay.

“If the worst happens and the merger goes ahead it will be $100k less to give Mayor Gash to fix her trainwreck down there,” he says.

He urges everyone to get out and vote NO.



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