Bollywood comes to Kiama

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Bemused residents of Kiama have been caught up in the phenomena that is Bollywood, as a Mumbai-based crew came to the area to film The Return of Sardaar Ji, the sequel to a hit movie.

Locations have included the Honey Farm, Ocean Groove in Terralong St, Jamberoo Pub and Terragong House.

Locals have been engaged as extras, sometimes when just passing by. The Bugle’s photographer, David Finlay, went to take pictures at Terragong and ended up as an extra – playing a press photographer!

Our former Crossword compiler, Margot Law, spent two days on set as a farmer attending a lavish party to show off the delicious crops grown with the help of a fabulous Indian fertiliser.

One of the owners of Terragong, Simon Milner says they had fun, “We had sports cars, machine guns, Mr Whippy vans, people on horses and someone being pushed out of a window.

“I can’t wait to see what the movie is like.”

They filmed at Terragong for four days, and are still in the area at the time this goes to print.

Kiama’s brush with fame continues with the news that a segment of Germany’s Next Top Model, complete with Heidi Klum, has recently been filmed at Bombo Headlands.


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