Our district remembers the Waratah March

The 23 men from Gerringong, Kiama and Jamberoo who were inspired to enlist by the 1915 Waratah March, when it rolled through on the way to Sydney, were aged between 17 and 32, with an average age of 21.

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They were quarrymen, farmers and labourers that our district could ill afford to lose given the sacrifice already made when war broke out.

Of that 23, seven were killed in action, two died of wounds, five were wounded in action and two died of illness. These sons of ours fought in Pozieres and in The Somme, still the bloodiest theatres of war.

While the crowds and general excitement were nothing like they were in 1915, the re-enactment of the March at Gerringong, Kiama and Jamberoo, and the simple but touching ceremonies to remember the 23 recruits, were a credit to our community.

Sixty-five of the 200 men from our district who served in World War I never came back.

Lest We Forget.


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