Kiama’s kids set to be great cooks

12202108_10153079720921644_1899886328_nKiama Public School has won a $25,000 custom-made Kitchen Kart that will help provide hands-on cooking education for its students.

The Nestlé Healthy Active Kids recently partnered with food educators Get Kids Cooking, to give
away the fully-equipped Kitchen Kart to one lucky primary school. The mobile kitchen will provide much-needed cooking resources to use in conjunction with their thriving kitchen garden.

Parents from across the country were invited to nominate their child’s school to win the Kitchen Kart, which comes complete with cooking tools, equipment, and nutrition lesson plans linked to the Australian Curriculum. There is also access to teacher training and online support to run simple, hands-on cooking classes for the whole school.

kitchen gardenMore than 2,000 parents entered the competition which asked them to explain in 100-words or less why it’s important to get kids involved in cooking.

Winning parent Adam Ellis says he’s proud his entry, in the form of a poem, means Kiama Public School will have access to state-of-the art cooking facilities.

“I am a big believer in getting kids involved in cooking from a young age, so this is fantastic,”
he says.



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