Hannah pays on the support she was shown

This year’s Kiama Relay For Life Committee includes a new member, Hannah Hutchison, who is not only bringing a younger perspective to their activities but is also able to represent the people who have benefited from the Cancer Council’s work.

When just twenty three years old, Hannah was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma, one of the rarest forms of cancer which usually occurs near to the joints of the arm, neck or leg. She says one of the most difficult parts was finding a way to tell her family and friends about her diagnosis. She felt helpless and weak; even though it wasn’t her fault she felt like her diagnosis was punishing everyone in her life.

Her arduous cancer treatments meant she had to undergo many surgeries, including having a toe amputated. Despite this hardship Hannah stayed positive and was happy to find how encouraging her family and friends were for her as a support system.

“I am so grateful for the support Cancer Council NSW gave to me and my family in many ways through this time,” she said. “They even paid for travel and accommodation so my family could be there for my surgery.”

Today, Hannah has been cancer free for two years. She says the reason she decided to volunteer for the Kiama Relay for Life committee is because she wants to try to give back to them since they were there to give so much to her when she needed it.

“Hannah’s fortitude inspires us to come together as a community at Kiama Relay For Life and continue to fight towards the defeat of cancer,” says fellow RFL Committee member Steve Dalton.

Thirty two teams are registered for the Kiama event, and there are fundraising activities happening all around town to reach this year’s ambitious goal of $120,000.

Details: You can still register to participate in the Kiama Relay For Life, Oct 24-25 at the oval near the Leisure Centre. Join in for $20 or help the various teams with their fundraising events for Cancer Council NSW.

Go to the Kiama page on www.relayforlife.org.au


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