Liveability a deciding factor

At their August meeting, Kiama councillors took a united stand against what they see as inappropriate medium density development.

They rejected a DA for a complex of three 3 bedroom and one 4 bedroom apartments at 139 Manning St, because of the lack of amenity and privacy in the design.

In particular, the three metre proximity to the boundary was of concern as it would open up the potential for an unacceptable six metre distance between it and any new adjacent development.

“We need to draw a line in the sand,” said Mayor Brian Petschler at the meeting.

Councillor Mark Honey said, “I fear in five or ten years time we will be remembered as the council that built shoeboxes up and down Manning Street and destroyed the aesthetics of the area.”

“We aren’t anti-develop-ment,” said the Mayor after the meeting, “But there is growing unease over the design and liveability of developments proposed for these long and narrow blocks.”

It was felt that a much better outcome could be achieved either by block consolidation or by a design that had units facing a central courtyard.


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