Dig out your old glasses

2015-08-12 13.29.30Chances are that anyone who wears glasses will have more than just one spare pair lying around at home. But are they really spare if your eyesight has changed, through surgery or time?

Or maybe just fashion has changed, and the chances of you wearing them again are pretty slim.

At the same time, people in poorer parts of the world are suffering for lack of glasses. Looks like the best answer is to match your glasses up to those in need.

During August, Eyestore at Kiama Village is acting as a drop-off point for the Kiama Lions Recycle for Sight project.

All sorts of glasses are useful – even if the lens are damaged, as the frames and other parts can be used. Cases are also of value.

Dr Susan Ang of Eyestore goes to Cambodia twice a year to help with eye projects there, and knows what a difference the recycled glasses make to people’s lives. She says optometry students have a tradition of being involved with the glasses recycling project, by classifying the donations by their prescription strength.

Glasses can be left at the store throughout the year, although the Lions drive finishes at the end of August.


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