A craft brewer for Kiama?

A development applic-ation has been lodged to establish an artisan beer brewery off Manning St (in the building
behind the bakery).

The 600 litre microbrewery will use hands-on traditional brewing methods, which enhance the complexity of flavours.

“We will be using all natural, unfiltered, unpasturized full malt beers, from quality Australian grain and yeast,” says Susan Beaupark. “My mum’s father was the foreman at Tooths Brewery in the 1940s, so I guess it must be in my genes to want to start a brewery.”

The venture is a family affair, and the concept is to brew the beer onsite, and to sell the beer from there at times when the brewing isn’t happening as well as selling online and at the Kiama Farmers Market. Brewing tours may also be organized outside of actual brewing hours, as the brewery is too small to have sales or tours at the same time as brewing.

The Beauparks have engaged a master brewer with experience in setting up microbreweries to get the project off to a good start. The plan is to brew a variety of styles with the focus on quality and depth of flavour.

Kiama last had a brewery between 1852 to 1896. It was owned by George Hunt, who also built and owned the Grand Hotel.

“We wanted to reintroduce a brewery to Kiama that will enhance the local community by providing a locally produced fresh beer for locals and tourists,” Susan says.

If all goes according to schedule, Kiama Brewing Company should be producing its first beer by the end of the year.


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