Is Kiama Council Fit for the Future?

Kiama Council has submitted its proposals to the state government to show how it will be Fit for the Future. The Fit for the Future reforms of local government are intended to provide communities with the assurance that their council has the ability, effectiveness, and financial sustainability to provide the services, infrastructure, and assets they need and expect.

The reforms are an opportunity to take action and incorporate the necessary changes and improvements to ensure Council is financially sustainable and fit for purpose over the coming decades.

Councils across the state have to show how they intend to achieve:

  • ongoing strong and effective engagement with community, business, industry, and all levels of government
  • financial sustainability
  • ongoing effective management of infrastructure and continued delivery of high quality services
  • organisational efficiencies.

All submissions are to be assessed by the government’s expert panel comprising the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) and a third party independent member with extensive local government experience.

Kiama Council’s response focuses on internal efficiencies, policy improvements, and new strategies that help to reduce expenditure and increase revenue.

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