Gerringong Public School gets an Orchard

Gerringong Public School celebrated July’s National Tree Day with the planting of a new orchard garden at the school.

IMG_6653Classes took turns to come out and plant a fruit tree or bush, with each taking up the ongoing responsibility to water and care for their class tree. Nineteen trees were planted, including six different citrus and two olive trees, and mulberry, mango and pomegranate trees. To add even more variety, a Panama berry, a strawberry guava and a native finger lime were included in the mix.

The Orchard will provide a new learning area for students and the school is very grateful to Slow Food Saddleback, whose members generously donated the plants to provide this new resource for food education amongst our young people.

Penny Rushby-Smith, parent gardening coordinator says “It is wonderful to have the support of this local community group. These kinds of collaborations can be vital to schools.”

Members of Slow Food Saddleback joined parents and staff to celebrate the opening of the Orchard with tea and home-made cakes later that afternoon.

More information about this local food advocacy group can be found on their website:

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