Expert advice on preserving your family’s stories

2014-05-22 12.52.56How often does it happen that someone takes their stories, part of your family history, with them to their grave? While you might remember the main fact, the important details easily escape you or are remembered differently by others.

Dr Rie Natalenko, author of The Family Memory Project, will be giving a talk at Kiama Library on how to gather, record and preserve family stories.

The talk will cover questions and triggers that can be used to facilitate storytelling, coping with common objections people have to telling stories, approaches to recording stories and the best ways to store all your research.

Dr Natalenko is an award winning screenwriter, novelist, poet and short filmmaker, and is passionate about the importance of family history.

Details: Sat 8 August, Auditorium underneath Kiama Library, 2.30-4pm Tickets $5 each, all ages welcome.


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