Neighbourhood Watch formed

As a result of a recent public meeting, it was decided to set up Neighbourhood Watch groups for Kiama and Kiama Downs.

A small committee has been formed, under the leadership of Ann Millard, to organise how to best move forward. Monthly meetings need to be scheduled, venues and speakers booked, and a communications program devised.

“While the police are there to provide advice, it is up to the community to implement their own Neighbourhood Watch program,” explains Ann. “We want to encourage people to get back to the spirit of working together to look after each other.”

She sees it very much as a pro-active community engagement program rather than scare-mongering.

“Together we can make Kiama a safer place to live by just adopting a few simple practices and keeping an eye out,” says Ann. “Once the word gets out that we have a strong Neighbourhood Watch mentality, the crime rates will drop.”

The organisers are already using facebook to help people look out for each other and their property.

A Kiama Community Neighbourhood Watch page has been set up so that people can share information about emergency warnings, traffic updates, extreme weather warnings, missing persons, suspicious activity, safety tips, general security and crime related posts in a timely fashion.

Gerringong has a long established Neighbourhood Watch program.

Details: The Committee welcomes more members to help the initiative gain momentum quickly. If you would like to be involved, but don’t have access to facebook, please contact Ann on 0411 843 774 to register your interest.


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