Great opportunity to discover the Campfire Sessions

A lively Campfire session is assured

A lively Campfire session is assured

This month’s Campfire Session will feature special guests, Chloë and Jason Roweth, presenting material from their latest CD Too Many Bloody Songs About Shearers By Far – Vol 1.

The Campfire Sessions were initiated last year by Tony Romeo as a celebration of Australian folk music and poetry, and have gained an enthusiastic following. Rather than a concert, they usually feature people sitting in a circle or two playing and singing traditional songs, with local bush group No Such Thing being joined by whoever wants to play or sing.

In July, this format will be preceded by a concert by the Roweths, formerly of Jamberoo, who have been performing and recording together for over 20 years and have a great local following.

They share a passion for Australian folklore and bush music, particularly bringing almost forgotten songs back to life again. Their broad repertoire includes strong original songs, old-style ballads, well known bush songs and lively dance tunes, accompanied by stories of contextual background.

Details: 21 July, 7–10pm,
Joyce Wheatley Community Centre, $5


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