NBN on the way to Gerringong & Gerroa

With its pre-construction work having started mid June, the NBN expects the high speed internet capability to be available in our southern villages by around this time next year.

The roll-out is one of first deployments in NSW of the new Multi-Technology Mix (MTM) model, which has replaced the fibre to the home model that saw Kiama, Jamberoo and Kiama Downs connected some time ago. This new model wGerringongill see Gerringong get a fixed line fibre service to the node, with the existing copper wire to the home/business.

“The use of MTM is expected to save months in construction time in each area, and help complete the project sooner and more cost-effectively,” says NBN spokesperson Kelly

While some consider this solution is technologically inferior, Stevens says “All of our technologies are designed to deliver fast broadband to meet the needs of internet users, both residential and business. Not only are they designed to be fast, but they all have upgrade paths for the future.”

Unfortunately, the fibre to the node solution is not extending to the rural properties between Gerringong and Gerroa, even though the fibre will be going past their doorways.

This has already been the situation faced by properties on Jamberoo Rd, whose owners have been told they will have to access the NBN via satellite no matter how close their houses are to the road.

“We’re rolling the network out in modules and that can mean in some cases that one part of the suburb is connected and the other is not, yet,” says Ms Stevens.

Foxground and Willow Vale are also not included on the map of the new zone shown on the NBN website (above).


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